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KS4 Design and Technology Course title and type of qualification: GCSE Design & Technology What will I learn? Students have the opportunity to build upon the work of KS3 and further develop their knowledge and practical skills through designing and making exciting quality products in a range of materials and disciplines. In Year 9, students will be able to work on a wide variety of design and make projects which will develop their knowledge of working with graphics, textiles, electronics, mechanisms, wood, plastic and metal using a wide range of equipment. In Year 10 they will be able to focus on an area of interest from the above list and complete a substantial design and make project as part of their coursework unit in Year 11. Students will be able to: Develop knowledge and designing and making skills through a range of enjoyable, fast-paced and challenging mini-projects using a wide range of materials and components safely. Develop a creative approach to their design development and take calculated risks whilst using technical and practical expertise to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. Develop important skills in investigation, problem solving, decision making, planning, time management, resource organisation. Use new technology - computer aided designing and manufacturing techniques (including laser cutting and 3D printing) to complement traditional hand tools and workshop machinery. Develop skills to clearly communicate their ideas through annotation, sketching and 3D modelling. Develop the ability to take into account design considerations and industrial practices. Develop the skills to critically analyse, evaluate, test and refine their own ideas and final products. Midway through Year 10 students will start their GCSE coursework project, completing a concise design folder, containing analysed research, development of ideas, planning and on-going evaluations. They will then manufacture the product and carry out tests and a final evaluation. The final examination enables students to demonstrate the application of their skills and knowledge within a design context set by the examination board. How will I be assessed? Unit 1: a two hour written examination paper will be sat in June of Year 11 and equates to 50% of the overall GCSE. Unit 2: a Design and Making Practice Coursework Project will be started towards the end of Year 10 and completed during the spring term of Year 11. It is worth 50% of the overall GCSE. What could I move onto? Students can study A Level Applied Engineering, A Level Product Design (3D Design) or A Level Product Design (Textiles) at KS5 and then go onto degrees and careers in one of a wide range of different Design, Engineering and Manufacturing disciplines. These include Product Design, Engineering, Electronics, Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphics, and Media Design. Examination Board: AQA
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